YEETI is going to develop a self-learning trading bot. Read how to enter the presale!

In a week’s time, the European YEETI will launch its token. The pre-sale aims to attract investors to develop the Self-Learning AI YEETI trade robot. Interested in the pre-sale or what this AI YEETI bot will look like? Then read on quickly!

What is YEETI?

YEETI is developing a versatile decentralized investment platform ecosystem with multiple investment opportunities including staking $YTI tokens. When staking $YTI tokens, the stake will be paid interest in $YTI at the end of each month. The more tokens that are staked, the more interest this investor will receive.

But one of the most challenging and interesting developments that YEETI wants to launch is a Self Learning YEETI bot. This is certainly not common in crypto space. We do see many trade robots where the user himself has to create a few configurations in order for a bot to function optimally. However, that is not the case with YEETI bot. The investors have the option to invest with YTI, binance coin (BNB), ethereum (ETH) and tether (USDT). Once the investment has been made, the YEETI bot will start executing transactions itself according to a complex AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm. This AI algorithm is compiled on the basis of previously made trades, mistakes from the past, but the bot also knows when to buy and sell, or buy on exchange A and sell on exchange B. It’s not about whether the trade bot can make double-digit profits, but whether several small trades make a profit. Consistency is very important here. This makes it possible to make a profit even when markets are in a downward trend. YEETI will make a profit in 90% of the cases.

YEETI uses the Compound model where the bot automatically continues to trade with the deposit and the return after a 24 hour cycle. This means that in the long run a small investment can become considerably large. The investor has the option to withdraw a desired amount from the bot at any time. This gives the investors extra confidence and security plus the ability to manage his or her investment.

YEETI also indicates that they offer insurance for the investor. If the investor has checked this option, if the bot has a lesser day, that day will be compensated.

  • YEETI solves the following problems
  • Do you have little technical knowledge in trading?
  • Are you afraid of losing your funds or investment in yield or liquidity farms?
  • Are you looking for the opportunity to generate passive income without too much effort?
  • Or just not enough time to manage your portfolio or funds?
  • YEETI offers a possible solution without the need for any knowledge or configuration.

YEETI and the Initial Dex Offering

The YEETI ecosystem and user dashboard is supported by the $YTI utility token. Utility means that the investor, ambassadors and/or token holders can stake with this token and receive a monthly contribution based on rewards. In addition, the token can be used for the perk system to be launched. As soon as the investor invests YTI tokens, the fee will be less, a higher return on the investment and it is possible to insure your investment with your YTI.

In order to keep the stake active in the future, YEETI will automatically buy back its tokens on various exchanges and liquidity pools to continue to replenish the stake liquidity address. This has the advantage that the investor can continue to strike as long as he or she wants and YEETI supports the price, this prevents the price from falling extremely or that investors may sell the token after the pre-sale.

Next week on Friday 25 June at 11:00 PM Dutch time, YEETI is organizing an IDO (Initial Dexchange (Decentralized Exchange) Offering), where those interested in the project can buy their share.

The token sale is open to everyone and takes place on the DxSale [] platform, one of the largest token launching platforms. The price of YTI token is at 0.0004 BNB. Once the pre-sale sells out, 60% of the pre-sale will be listed on Pancake Swap with the price set at 0.00065 BNB per 1 YTI.

Win 30,000 YTI airdrop event

During the Pre-sale, YEETI offers a unique opportunity to participate in a 30,000 YTI token giveaway. At the end of the pre-sale, YEETI will select 15 lucky winners. For a chance to win, YEETI asks you to go through a number of simple steps. Interested in participating? Then read the applicable conditions.

Have you become interested in the YEETI project? Or do you want to participate in the presale because you want to support a unique self-learning AI bot project? Then click on the links below for more information.


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