Trump lashes out at bitcoin again, this time even fiercer

Trump lashes out at bitcoin BTC again this time even fiercer

Former US President Donald Trump has once again spoken out about Bitcoin (BTC). It was already clear that he is against the cryptocurrency. Today he again spoke negatively, this time with a slightly brighter tone. He said this in an interview with Fox Business.

Trump already spoke about Bitcoin in 2019. “I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is not money, its value is highly volatile and it is based on thin air,” Trump said at the time. Despite the fact that these were also negative statements at the time, the crypto community was still happy. It was a sign that crypto adoption was really accelerating since even the US president was talking about it.

Despite the great success of bitcoin and other crypto projects since those statements, Trump is still not a fan of Bitcoin. He was even fiercer in his tone this time, calling it a “scam.” He told Fox Business:

“Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam. […] I don't like it because it's a currency that competes with the dollar, essentially it's a currency that competes with the dollar. I want the dollar to become the currency of the world. I've always said that."

Of course, Trump’s mission to make the dollar the world’s currency faces two problems. He is no longer president and Bitcoin listens to no one. Due to decentralization, no government can forbid it. So Bitcoin will continue to compete anyway! A plus is that Trump refers to Bitcoin as a “currency.” In his statements in 2019, he called it another cryptocurrency.