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After Tether, Circle’s $5 Billion USDC Issuance Comes Under scrutiny

Tether’s $1 Billion USDT print this week raised many eyebrows amid US federal agencies’ plan to tighten their scrutiny around stablecoin issuers. The major concern for authorities lies with the issuance backings that have been found misleading in the past. After Tether, now Circle’s latest $5 billion USDC has come under scrutiny. Circle h...[Read More]

Exponential growth of stablecoins could cause problems: US central bank

The United States’ central bank, the Federal Reserve, said in a presentation that it is concerned about the extreme growth experienced by stablecoins such as Tether (USDT). The largest and best-known stablecoin, Tether, already has more than $60 billion in coins in circulation. Because the Federal Reserve holds a lot of power, crypt...[Read More]

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