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El Salvador Buys the Bitcoin Dip Amid “Black Friday Sale”

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has taken to Twitter to announce that the country has added 100 Bitcoin ($5.4 million) to its treasury.     The Bitcoin price plunged by more than 9% earlier today amid the global market sell-off.   The fact that the plunge took on Black Friday, the day retailers slash prices to attract deal-hunters and cause shopping bonanza, prom...[Read More]

El Salvador’s Chivo Bitcoin Wallet Still a Headache for Locals

Two months after El Salvador’s state-sponsored Bitcoin wallet launched by gifting Salvadorans $30 worth of the cryptocurrency, many still don’t know what to do with the tech.  When Chivo wallet kicked off on September 7, it suffered technical glitches, with citizens unable to download the app. And when they finally did have it on their phones, there were report...[Read More]

El Salvador: Who Needs the IMF When You Have Bitcoin?

Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises,” is generally considered the weakest entry in the series, in part because it’s so easily read as a celebration of neoliberal authoritarianism. The film’s plot has the villain, Bane, take over Gotham City, wipe out all financial ledgers and reign over a kind of mega-Occupy movement. To fight back, Batman engages in a series of moral com...[Read More]

El Salvador Children’s Hospital Receives Over 1 BTC Donation From US Nonprofit

The Liberland Aid Foundation donated over an entire bitcoin to the Benjamin Bloom National Children’s Hospital. A major children’s hospital in El Salvador has received more than one bitcoin as a donation from a U.S.-based nonprofit. The Benjamin Bloom National Childrens’ Hospital provides essential care for children in need of intensive treatment in the Central American country. The donor, L...[Read More]

September 7 is ‘Bitcoin Day’ in El Salvador as BTC becomes legal tender

It is Sept. 7, and El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law has officially come into effect three months after its parliament passed the historic vote. The Central American nation is now the first country to recognize Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. Tweeting earlier in the day, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele remarked “3 minutos para hacer historia — In 3 minutes, we make history.” However, day one of El Sal...[Read More]

Michael Saylor Brings The Thunder To Venezuelan Bitcoin-Only Podcast

If someone is doing his part, that’s Michael Saylor. The MicroStrategy CEO proved that he’s a stand-up guy by sharing the knowledge on a medium-sized podcast that’s usually in Spanish. Saylor went in on the topics du jour and revealed never-before-heard secrets. What does he think about El Salvador? What’s up with the infamous Mining Council? Is MicroStrategy in a vulnerable position? Keep reading...[Read More]

El Salvador Bitcoin Law Has Citizens Protesting

Despite a three-month ban on protests to ostensibly prevent the spread of COVID, a group of Salvadorans composed of leftist unions, student associations, and others gathered at the Legislative Assembly yesterday to protest the country’s adoption of Bitcoin as its national currency. The group, organized by the “Block of Resistance and Popular Rebellion,” used b...[Read More]

Bitcoin (BTC) adoption in El Salvador picks up steam: 1,500 bitcoin ATMs are installed

Earlier today, Crypto Insiders reported that El Salvador’s controversial bitcoin (BTC) law will come into effect on September 7. The Central American country also announced that all residents will receive as much as $30 in bitcoin. That’s probably close to $150 million in BTC being distributed to nearly 5 million people. There is even more positive news about the bitcoin situation in E...[Read More]

Bitcoin law goes into effect in El Salvador in September, citizens get free bitcoin

On September 7, El Salvador’s controversial Bitcoin (BTC) law goes into effect. This is announced by the president of the Central American country Nayib Bukele on June 25: The new law was passed about two weeks ago, when a large majority voted in favour. On September 7, bitcoin will be officially recognized as money and legal tender in El Salvador. That means, among other things, that retail...[Read More]

Bukele Teases Volcano-powered Bitcoin Mining Center as Exchange Arrives

Not everybody in El Salvador may be aboard the Bitcoin (BTC) boat – but the nation’s bullishly pro-BTC President Nayib Bukele appears set to press ahead with his crypto plans nonetheless, with an overseas exchange opening its doors for business and a “sneak peek” at the nation’s new “green” mining center. According to La Prensa Gráfica, a Guatemalan crypto exchange named Coincaex wi...[Read More]

El Salvador opposition files lawsuit against President Bukele’s Bitcoin law, will it succeed?

El Salvador made history two weeks ago. El Salvador then became the first country in the world to recognize bitcoin (BTC) as an official money and legal tender. The law was then passed to thunderous applause, but not everyone in the country is happy with it. One of the largest opposition parties in the country, Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMNL), led by Jaime Guevara, has filed suit ...[Read More]

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