Dfinity founder takes aim at Ethereum’s complex layer-two solutions

Dominic Williams, the founder of Dfinity and its Internet Computer, has slammed the scaling solutions put forward by Polkadot and Ethereum for offering a disjointed user experience. The self-described “blockchain maximalist” criticized Ethereum’s burgeoning ecosystem of second-layer scaling solutions, describing Ethereum as starting to resembling a ridiculously elaborate “Rube Goldberg machine” of...[Read More]

Ethereum DeFi Activity Has Slowed Down to 2020 Levels

Let’s start with the good news: Ethereum transaction fees, which have been growing larger, are back down to 2020 levels. The bad news: That’s because demand for Ethereum and Ethereum-based DeFi protocols has fallen, along with prices, as partly evidenced by a 28% drop in Uniswap trades from a mid-May peak. Ethereum transfer volume, as measured in dollars, has declin...[Read More]

Amazon Job Listing Seeks DeFi Experience

Amazon has listed a job posting titled “head of product, blockchain,” that is looking for an individual who is passionate about decentralized networks.  “Do you want to define the future direction for how Amazon Web Services (AWS) will enable customers to solve problems and innovate with blockchain technology across a wide range of industries and use cases?” asks the post.  The basi...[Read More]

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