StormGain Provides Equal Opportunity in Crypto Mining by Supporting Billions of Smartphone Users

The concept of cryptocurrency mining has a somewhat negative connotation these days. Many people see it as a waste of electricity because it would require special and expensive hardware. But what if that was no longer the case and everyone could mine crypto with their smartphone?
Equal mining opportunities for everyone with StormGain

There is currently an inequality in the crypto mining world that needs to be resolved. Suppose someone does not have access to cheap and/or renewable electricity or the finances for expensive mining equipment. In that case, it will not be easy to play a significant role in this industry. This “skewed” nature of crypto mining is a problem that only seems to be getting worse. It’s time to introduce a solution that makes crypto mining more accessible and attractive.

Cloud mining is currently rapidly gaining ground. This is not so much about the way of cloud mining that most people think of, but rather about the power of smartphones. StormGain makes it easy and accessible to participate in crypto mining via your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about logistics, hardware, electricity or anything else. Mining takes place entirely via mobile phones, which makes mining potentially useful for billions of people.

One of the hurdles in the cloud mining industry is the lack of transparency. As a result, many providers promise high returns but fail to meet those expectations. StormGain enables users to mine crypto directly through a mobile cloud mining solution. By connecting to remote cloud servers, StormGain’s risk-free and convenient mining solution is second to none.

Accessing StormGain’s service is possible via a smartphone or desktop computer. The registration process is fast, simple and without unnecessary bells and whistles. With potential earnings of up to 0.0318 bitcoin per day – equivalent to $950 at the time of writing – making this process as simple as possible is essential. Once an account is confirmed, users can start mining bitcoin right away. StormGain’s mining solution does not affect the performance of the smartphone itself, making the experience feel effortless.

If users want to withdraw and exchange their crypto through StormGain, they must meet the profit threshold of 10 USDT. It is not possible to withdraw income without trading first, but you can withdraw any profits generated from trading from your account at any time without restrictions. There is no commission charged for trading and that applies to all users. In addition, the platform offers all standard and advanced instruments, including fiat-based purchasing of crypto.

None of this would be possible without strong partnerships. StormGain works with the Blockchain Association within the Financial Commission, as well as with football club S.S. Lazio and many others. As a result, the trading product has crossed the $6 billion 30-day volume, courtesy of tens of thousands of traders worldwide. StormGain is also the largest provider of interest to crypto traders on CoinMarketCap, further enhancing the project’s market position.

A fascinating aspect of StormGain is how mining rewards are calculated. Linking rewards directly to a user’s trading volume creates an interesting correlation. Those who trade more volume can earn higher rewards. Being active on the platform can have a significant impact on one’s earning potential, whether as a trader, miner or both. Increasing one’s trading volume and mining speed is relatively easy as it is possible to trade with leverage up to 200x.

As an added feature, traders can use crypto trading signals. Probability and profitability signals allow traders to make the right decisions about which signals to follow. Each trading signal has stop loss and take profit options as well as the options to raise and auto-raise if the trend is favorable. Users can also schedule their trades through the Telegram bot.
About StormGain

As part of its services, StormGain’s cloud mining service effectively removes all barriers to entry into mining. As a result, it is no longer necessary to invest in expensive mining devices that take up space, make noise and consume electricity. Contract prices are low, so ongoing investments can translate into significant gains in the long run. Since the bitcoin mining service is readily available via the cloud, access via desktop and mobile devices couldn’t be easier; and that without hardware and labour-intensive investments.