RIP John McAfee, antivirus billionaire and crypto fan commits suicide, but not everyone believes it

John McAfee, the eccentric billionaire and founder of McAfee Antivirus, was found dead in his cell in Barcelona last night. According to the Catalan Ministry of Justice, it was a suicide. Earlier in the day, the judge had decided that he would be extradited to the United States.

Who was John McAfee?

Born in 1945, McAfee made his name especially well when he founded the antivirus software company of the same name in 1987. He stepped down in 1994 and became one of the software’s most outspoken critics. McAfee owned an estimated $100 billion in 2007. In 2013, he released this well-known video about uninstalling the antivirus program. He became known in the cryptocurrency industry for the promotion of many initial coin offerings (ICOs) and especially for the prediction that the bitcoin (BTC) price will rise to $500,000 in 2020. He later increased that to $1 million and even promised that he would would eat on TV if his prediction didn’t come true. He later took that back, of course.

McAfee was also notorious for his eccentric lifestyle. He had fled tax evasion, lived at sea for a long time, was suspected of murder, ran for president, developed recreational drugs in a secret lab in a jungle and even said he had sex with whales. And yet that’s not all.

On Wednesday morning, the judge announced that his extradition to the US had been approved. The 75-year-old billionaire was aware that he might have to spend the rest of his life in a cell. Not only was he charged with tax evasion, but the Securities and Exchange Commission had also charged him with illegally promoting ICOs.

Conspiracy theories about John Mcafee’s death

McAfee was very active on Twitter and over the years he has made many remarkable and often incomprehensible statements. Among other things, about crypto, but also about his own death, which is currently leading to all kinds of conspiracy theories that are being spread across the internet. In 2019 he said as follows:

In 2019, McAfee claimed he has a whopping 31 terabytes of criminally incriminating data that would be released if he was caught or disappeared. When McAfee was arrested in Spain last year, he said:

Last week, McAfee tweeted the following:

Finally, McAfee also receives a lot of support, although reactions vary widely. Edward Snowden, the famous whistleblower, believes that Europe should not hand anyone over to the unfair and cruel US justice system:

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