Polygon (MATIC) receives support from legendary investor Mark Cuban, price is rising fast

Polygon MATIC receives support from legendary investor Mark Cuban price is rising fast

Since the severe crash of the crypto market, a few altcoins have stood out from the rest by experiencing a massive recovery. Perhaps the most notable of these altcoins was Polygon (MATIC). Polygon was again almost 30% in the plus this morning. The dump from almost a week ago is almost completely straightened out! There is a lot of interest in the project and good news keeps coming out.

This time again more good news for the project. Legendary investor Mark Cuban has announced through one of his websites that he has invested in Polygon. Again proof that major players are willing to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies, despite the chaos in the market of recent times. Over the past year, Cuban has become a vocal proponent of digital currencies.


Cuban’s investment in Polygon actually comes as no big surprise. Polygon is a scaling solution designed to make transactions on the Ethereum (ETH) network more efficient. It is for this reason that the amount of Polygon users has grown almost exponentially. Cuban previously indicated that he also used Polygon.

Cuban plans to integrate Polygon with its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform lazy.com. In addition, Cuban will help the Polygon team with marketing, Cuban indicated. According to Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, Cuban’s investment is groundbreaking for the team.

Cuban’s investment in Polygon is yet another example of adoption. The past year has been dominated by adoption and actual use cases and this trend does not seem to be slowing down despite the recent crash. Cuban’s investment in Polygon is obviously good news for Polygon, but placed in the bigger picture, it is even good news for the entire cryptocurrency world.

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