Tim Draper, a well-known venture capitalist and bitcoin (BTC) bull, recently spoke at the Collision Summit on April 22. Draper says he is gradually seeing that more and more people would rather own bitcoin than fiat currency.

“People are already realizing that they prefer Bitcoin to fiat currency. Bitcoin facilitates a global economy from an economic point of view because it is a global currency, no matter where the boundaries are. It is not tied to one or the other nationality. ”

Said Draper. According to the billionaire investor, bitcoin could stimulate governments to create a fairer playing field with more equal opportunities. The governments that don’t support bitcoin will get behind and people will simply move where their bitcoin is welcome.

Draper also advises women to learn about the crypto economy by setting up a digital wallet. “It turns out that only one in 14 Bitcoin wallets is owned by a woman,” said Draper, pointing out that women control 85% of retail spending in the United States.

Recently, a survey found that only 26% of US crypto investors are female. The study, conducted by the Gemini exchange of the Winklevoss twins, reports that this percentage is likely to increase in the future. The survey also found that the majority of Americans are interested in crypto and are considering investing.

Draper made a name for himself in the crypto market when he bought a whopping 30,000 worth of seized bitcoin for $ 19 million in 2014, they are now said to be worth $ 1.5 billion. He predicted last year that a bitcoin will be worth $ 250,000 by 2023.

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