Prices have been mostly red recently. But that does not mean that developments within the crypto sector have also come to a halt, on the contrary. The Irish HIPS Payment Group and Swedish Vourity have entered into a partnership to support crypto payments at 50,000 charging stations for electric cars! This is according to a press announcement published yesterday.

Vourity currently only offers payment methods such as credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Swish. But with the collaboration with HIPS Payment Group, crypto is added. From November this year, the first charging stations will be equipped with the new payment terminals that allow payment with crypto. Over the next three years, 50,000 charging stations across Europe will eventually have to be equipped with the terminal.

It is not yet clear which cryptocurrency will be selected. However, it seems that at least ethereum (ETH) will be chosen. The image of the payment terminal shows the logo of the largest altcoin on the market. Ultimately, however, the intention is that more cryptocurrencies will be supported. In addition, it is not yet clear exactly where these 50,000 charging stations are located.

According to Hips CEO John Cavebring, supporting crypto will accelerate the move to an electric vehicle future:

“We are very pleased to announce this partnership as we believe it is progressive on many fronts; Allowing the use of digital payments will make charging easier for all EV drivers, accelerating the transition to a fully electric vehicle future.”

The news comes about a month after Elon Musk decided to stop accepting bitcoin (BTC) payments for Tesla’s electric cars. According to him, Bitcoin would emit too much and so the crypto does not fit in the vein of Tesla. This uncertainty, along with China’s crackdown on bitcoin miners, has been the likely instigator of the underperforming bitcoin price.

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