Pay the rent with cardano (ADA)? In Malta it will be possible in 2022

Pay the rent with cardano ADA In Malta it will be possible in 2022

Cardano (ADA) will soon be available to pay the rent. The Maltese real estate company Dreamflats is going to accept ADA as a means of payment.

Dreamflats said in a press release that they will declare revenue from ADA payments to regulatory bodies such as the Malta Tourism Authority. Tax payments will be in fiat.

Paying the rent by cardano will be possible from 2022, when the Mercury Towers apartments are delivered. A state-of-the-art complex designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Dreamflats is certainly not the first real estate company to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment. For example, it was announced earlier this month that it is possible to purchase apartments with dogecoin (DOGE) in Portugal. And in April, the American billionaire Rick Caruso indicated that he would accept bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment for renting residential and retail properties.

Dreamflats is the first non-digital company from Malta to accept crypto payments. More companies from that industry may follow this step. Dreamflats has chosen to choose ADA and not bitcoin.

The pick came from cardano’s bull run in mid-May, resulting in an all-time high of $ 2.40 on May 16. That price has been corrected considerably after the entire market crashed. At the time of writing, the value of ADA is approximately $ 1.50.

All in all, cardano has risen sharply in 2021 and as a result, they have gained approximately 6.7 million more investors from January 1 to now.

In any case, the Cardano network arouses quite a lot of interest due to the usability it brings. For example, Cardano has signed an agreement with the Ethiopian government to streamline the country’s education system.

In addition, the network has already developed in such a way that it is now 100% decentralized.

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