Olympics enter the crypto world, IOC comes with its own NFTs

A few months ago, NFT trading was all the rage. When the total market corrected properly, the NFT market actually grew threefold. Collectors, traders, gamers and artists continued to act as if nothing had happened. That made the NFT market quite unique in recent times. More and more large companies are also becoming involved in NFTs. Recently it was revealed that GameStop is building a large NFT platform on Ethereum (ETH).

Once again a big name comes with the announcement to start using NFTs. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) plans to issue “Olympic Pins” in NFT form later this month. The IOC is a non-profit organization with the goal of creating a better world through sport. The IOC is also the supreme governing body of the Olympic Games.

To this end, the IOC has entered into a partnership with nWay. nWay is a publisher, developer and tech platform that has previously worked with large parties. The company has worked on a large number of mobile games, console games and online games. They have even contributed to the development of some housed names within the game and entertainment industry such as FIFA, Star Wars and Power Rangers.

The IOC’s NFTs will be released on the nWay nWayPlay platform from June 17. Among other things, they will depict historical events in the rich history of the Olympic Games. It will also be possible to earn the NFTs by playing an online game in the theme of the Games that will be available in 2022. The prices of the NFTs will be between $9 and $499 dollars.

Another example of the adoption of NFTs by a well-established name. It therefore seems that this chapter in the world of cryptocurrencies is not yet finished.

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