Number of Google searches for “Cardano,” “Ethereum” and “Crypto” higher than ever

Number of Google searches for Cardano Ethereum and Crypto higher than ever

The number of searches for “cryptocurrency” on Google was higher last week than in years. The Google Trends Twitter account reports on May 19 that the search volume for “cryptocurrency” even reached a new all-time high (ATH) worldwide:

However, if we take a look at Google Trends ourselves, we see that last week’s peak remained below the high of the end of 2017 and we see a decrease this week. Still, we’ve seen a huge surge in general interest since the beginning of this year. Searches for “Crypto” are higher than ever and the Netherlands is even at the top.

The searches for ‘Bitcoin’ were higher than now at the beginning of this year and still well below the peak at the end of 2017. The number of searches for ‘Ethereum’, on the other hand, is higher than ever, even well above the end of 2017. The enormous rally of the ether price this may have been the case last month, but the number is decreasing again this week.

It is striking that a relatively large number of searches for “Ethereum” come from Eastern Europe, with countries such as Kosovo, North Macedonia and Slovenia at the top. For “Cryptocurrency” and “Bitcoin” that is Nigeria.

The number of searches for “Dogecoin” also reached a new ATH last week, but is seeing a sharp drop this week. Most searches for Dogecoin come from the US with the Netherlands in 4th place. The number of searches for “Cardano” continues to rise and is higher than ever this week. Relatively most searches for “Cardano” from Italy come second with the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the Google Trends Twitter account reports that “What happened to cryptocurrency today” is up more than 850% worldwide on May 19 and “Should I sell my crypto” by 400% in the US. That was most likely due to the crash of the prices on the same day.

“Most energy efficient cryptocurrency,” “environmentally friendly cryptocurrency” and “how does bitcoin use energy” have also risen sharply, perhaps due to the FUD tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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