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“More bitcoin (BTC) mining in the US needed,” said the mayor of Miami for these reasons

Bitcoin (BTC) mining has often been criticized. It would be bad for the climate and that is of course a big topic in the world today. The mayor of the American city of Miami, Francis Suarez, believes that the United States can play an important role in improving the image of bitcoin mining, among other things.

In an interview with Laura Shin, a journalist, the mayor states that 90% of all bitcoin mining takes place outside the US. And a lot of miners in other countries would use “dirty energy sources.” And since bitcoin miners are estimated to use more energy than the Czech Republic, you can imagine that the impact on the climate is significant.

Suarez believes that more mining should take place in the US as there are many green energy sources in the country, including nuclear energy. This would not only benefit Bitcoin’s image, but also the country’s crypto community and national security. In addition, Suarez expects that technology will ultimately ensure that Bitcoin becomes more efficient:

“I also think that in the future you will see solar energy and other types of clean technology, hydrogen as a technology that propels mining, and you will see mining taking place in different forms. There will be larger hash blocks […] So I think technology will make it more efficient and cheaper with less power consumption, ”

The Mayor of Miami is known for being a supporter of Bitcoin. In December he already announced that he was open to making bitcoin part of the city’s treasury. In addition, he is trying to make Miami a crypto-friendly city to attract more crypto companies.

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