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Long-awaited Ethereum (ETH) solution to reduce transaction costs has been postponed to the summer

Optimism’s mainnet launch has been delayed to “roughly July.” The Optimism team reports this in an update of the roadmap on March 26:

“Today we announce that we are delaying the official public mainnet in favor of a more coordinated community launch. Our goal is to ensure that fundamental projects, infrastructure providers, block explorers, wallets and token bridges have time to integrate, audit and test. ”

Optimism is a “Layer-2 scaling solution” for Ethereum (ETH), similar to the Lightning Network for Bitcoin (BTC). The goal of Optimism is to reduce the number of transactions on Ethereum and thereby lower the transaction costs, which are gradually becoming an increasing problem.

Optimism does this through so-called Optimistic Rollups. Multiple transactions are bundled into a single transaction. These transactions can then be executed simultaneously via the Layer-2 solution before being sent to the Ethereum blockchain.

The launch was originally scheduled for this week, but has now been delayed to “roughly July.” The team reports that this is an estimate because the launch is a collaborative effort with the community.

Optimism development started in the summer of 2019. The project already had a so-called “soft launch” in January, on Synthetix, among others, whose users have already saved more than $ 10 million in costs:

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