Italian football giant Juventus has announced on its official website that they will be offering non-fungible tokens (NFT) from June 27. NFTs differ from other coins or tokens because they are unique. If you own a certain NFT, then you are the only one. No one else can own that same NFT. This is called non-fungibility.


Juventus confirm that the first NFT to be available will be based on the home shirt the club will play in next season. In addition, the Juventus players will sign the digital version of the shirt. It should also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Allianz Stadium. Further details are still missing and they will come out as the launch date gets closer.

On Twitter, the Turin football club announced that the NFTs will be available on the NFT Pro marketplace.

In addition to the unique, signed digital version of the home shirt, the highest bidder also receives a fully catered VIP experience. He/she will be invited sometime during the next football season.

Sports and NFTs: a good combination

This is not the first time major sports clubs have partnered with NFT platforms to offer such tokens to fans and collectors. Juventus has also previously entered into a partnership with an NFT company.

At the end of last year and early this year, it was revealed that a large number of football clubs had joined SoRare. A fantasy football game on the Ethereum blockchain. More than 140 football clubs are participating in this project.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many major football clubs, and sports clubs in general, to lose a lot of money. It seems that many of these organizations are looking for a way to offset the losses incurred. This is often done by selling digital fan tokens. Even the organization of the Olympic Games recently announced that it had gone into business with the sale of NFTs.

Juventus is now going to further expand the issue of NFTs by entering into a partnership with NFT Pro. Whether it is mainly fans of Juventus or collectors who get excited about this remains to be seen. This will in any case make little difference to the financial condition of the club.

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