How a VPN helps you keep your crypto safe

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You’ve probably heard it before; when you own cryptocurrencies you are your own bank. In short, only you are responsible for security and so it is important to think carefully about this. A tool that can help you trade securely with crypto is a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a way to encrypt all your internet data. All traffic to and from the device connected to a VPN cannot be seen by any third party. Even your own IP address is masked, making it seem like the device is in a completely different location.

How this works exactly is as follows. When you visit a website, data about your computer, your IP address and other necessary information will be sent to the internet via your internet service provider. The information flows to and from the website are not encrypted and so there is a possibility that the information will be intercepted. This certainly applies when you are connected to a public network, for example on a terrace.

When you connect your computer to a VPN, this is not the case. The information will first be encrypted by the VPN client, after which it will be sent encrypted and unrecognizable to your internet provider. This encrypted information is then sent to a VPN server, and not directly to the internet. Only in the VPN server is the information decrypted and sent to the internet. In short, no website sees information about where you are or about your computer. Moreover, your internet provider only sees encrypted data that it can do nothing with.

Use a VPN to trade and send crypto

A VPN therefore offers a solution for people who own crypto, trade with it and often send and receive it. If you want to send crypto, you will have to do this via the internet. Encrypting the information is therefore a perfect way to prevent hackers from intercepting sensitive data or even stealing your crypto.

Logging in to, for example, Binance or other crypto exchanges will also be safer. If you want to take the security of your internet traffic and crypto seriously, a VPN can’t be missing in your arsenal!

But which VPN is the best?