For Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, it was time for another Dogecoin (DOGE) tweet. This time he asked his opinion whether Tesla should accept DOGE as a means of payment and the result is no surprise!

More than a million Twitterers have already made their voices heard. 77.3% of them want Tesla to accept dogecoin as a means of payment.

Tesla already accepts bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment for its electric cars. Thus, with dogecoin, it would appropriately expand its crypto offering. Musk is a known Dogecoin fan.

Tesla wouldn’t be Musk’s first company to accept dogecoin. SpaceX will launch a mission in 2022 that is fully paid for with dogecoin. With this, DOGE does indeed "literally go to the moon."

Musk was a guest on the well-known American television program Saturday Night Live (SNL) last weekend. In the run-up to this broadcast, the price soared as he hinted several times that he would be naming dogecoin. What did this do to the DOGE prize?

The poll that Musk just published caused an increase as expected. In 30 minutes, DOGE rose from $ 0.46 to $ 0.54, up 17%. The price of dogecoin is making the rise in a mainly red-colored market after prices took a small hit yesterday.

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