“Ethereum Killers” still can’t put a dent in ETH, analysts Weiss Crypto said

Despite ethereum (ETH) "gas fees" having been out of control in recent months, no competing project has succeeded in overthrowing Ethereum, according to rating agency Weiss Crypto.

A market analysis of Weiss Crypto on ethereum is positive and states that Ethereum has recovered very well from the fourth correction of this market cycle. Weiss Crypto states that while bitcoin (BTC) didn’t necessarily have a good day yesterday, Ethereum did. Ethereum even hit a price point above USD 2,400 during the day. According to Weiss Crypto, ethereum is showing a lot of strength here and the ethereum price action is a very positive sign for the current altcoin climate and the near future of altcoin investments. In any case, Weiss Crypto is betting twice on an alt-season at the moment.

No Ethereum "killers" yet

The rating agency claims to be very skeptical of so-called "Ethereum Killers" and does not believe that, despite many new rival projects emerging, no project is capable of effectively overthrowing Ethereum. On April 21, Weiss Crypto tweeted that they were very skeptical of any such development.

According to Crypto Weiss, many Ethereum’s rivals don’t even come close to Ethereum and the only hope for such projects is an affiliation with Ethereum itself. Well-known and popular rival projects such as EOS (EOS) and NEO (NEO) have failed to live up to expectations and have not come close to true "Ethereum killer" status.

Ethereum’s biggest rival at the moment is Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but even this project started to show signs of overload after increased demand and interest in the project. According to researchers at SIMETRI, there is a chance that BSC will follow in the footsteps of EOS. If BSC does not fix the problems with the project in the short term, there is a chance that it will go in the same direction as all the "Ethereum killers" that preceded it.

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