The developers of Ethereum (ETH) have moved one step closer to moving to Ethereum 2.0. The first devnet with the name Steklo has completed one of the first tests. Despite the fact that it did not go completely smoothly, it still marks a step in the right direction.

During the Steklo devnet, the eth 1 and eth 2 clients, the portals through which users communicate with the Ethereum blockchain, communicated with each other for the first time. Things went equally well, but soon the devnet broke into several split-offs. This means that the clients were out of sync.

Ethereum 2.0 developer Diederik Loerakker said about the “super experimental testnet:”

“The testnet is currently in a fairly unstable state, and more of a tool for developers to debug clients. We will be running more user-centric testnets in the coming weeks, once things have stabilized enough, ”

It was to be expected, however, that things did not go well. It was a pre-alpha and therefore one of the very first tests. Nevertheless, Loerakker said: “Good work everyone with this first devnet, we have made a lot of progress.”

Ultimately, the intention is to merge eth 1 and eth 2. From that moment on, ethereum miners are no longer needed and strikers will process the transactions on the network. This should make the high transaction costs a thing of the past and make the network much more scalable.

Before that, however, we have already been a while further. The most optimistic estimates for the merger are around December 1. However, in the event of setbacks, and there will be, this date will move a bit further. Until then, it is hoped that EIP-1559 will solve the high transaction costs on the network.

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