In March of this year, the American online marketplace eBay announced that they were investigating whether integration with the world of cryptocurrencies was possible. Both bitcoin payments (BTC) and the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT) were seriously considered.

There is now good news, because yesterday the E-commerce company announced that they have adjusted their policy so that the sale of non-fungible tokens is possible. In the coming months, a number of tools will be rolled out to ensure that trading in non-fungible tokens on the website should take place easily.

Non-fungible tokens are a unique crypto. By linking a unique code to an NFT, the transaction history on the blockchain can be traced and proven that you actually own the relevant NFT. Currently, NFTs are often used for the sale of digital art and collector’s items, but in principle the possibilities are endless.

Not only was the sale of NFTs on eBay’s agenda, the option to pay with cryptocurrencies is also under serious consideration. EBay CEO Jamie Lannone said on Monday that they are expanding payment options. One way to do this, according to Lannone, is to allow payments with cryptocurrencies.

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