Domino’s Pizza employees in the Netherlands can now opt for bitcoin (BTC) salary

Dominos Pizza employees in the Netherlands can now opt for bitcoin BTC salary

Employees of Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza organization in the Netherlands, can now choose to have part of their salary paid out in bitcoin (BTC). This is done in collaboration with BTCDirect, which announced the news on May 22.

Not all employees of Domino’s Netherlands get this option, it concerns about 1,000 employees at the 16 branches of Immensus Holding. There are more than 300 Domino’s in the Netherlands and 17,000 branches worldwide.

Nor is it about the full salary. These employees are only given the option to have the part of the salary that is above the minimum wage paid out in Bitcoin. Companies in the Netherlands are obliged to pay the minimum wage in euros.

“Bitcoin has been the best-performing investment for over a decade. We expect this to continue and more and more people will take the step towards a bitcoin salary. You can start small with ten or twenty euros a month, like Domino's employees. As soon as you own some bitcoin, you will sooner delve into the underlying value and the potential. An educational journey with new insights time and time again. ”

Says BTC Director Mike Hutting. Jonathan Gurevich from Immensus says:

“We are a modern company with many young employees. We are hearing the word bitcoin more and more within the teams and we want them to take advantage of the opportunity to own this cryptocurrency. By cooperating with BTC Direct, we enable employees to start automatically and on a small scale. In this way we as an employer can offer something extra for the future. "

The announcement was made on the same day as Bitcoin Pizza Day. Recently, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano also announced a new Bitcoin Pizza venture.

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