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Dogecoin (DOGE) car crashes hard during NASCAR race, but not as hard as the race

The so-called “Dogecar” ended in spectacular fashion last weekend, although it may have been a bit disappointing for the fans. The NASCAR race car crashed hard into the wall on Saturday:

Last Saturday, the Dogecoin (DOGE) sponsored No. 99 Chevrolet Camaro raced with Stefan Parsons at the wheel at the Nashville Superspeedway. Dogecoin fans were looking forward to the race, the Dogecar was even trending on Twitter on Saturday.

On the 70th lap, however, the Dogecar flew out of the race and finished last. Although some fans report being disappointed, many fans are also happy with the publicity that the result nevertheless delivered.

However, this does not apply to the price of dogecoin. The DOGE price also crashed last weekend and again this morning. Dogecoin is even one of the hardest decliners today in a red-colored cryptocurrency market and the fans are of course less happy about that.

DOGE was able to recover briefly to USD 0.287 yesterday, but then, like the rest of the market, it entered a downward trend. However, on average, dogecoin drops a little faster than most crypto and at the time of writing the price drops to $ 0.224. That is a drop of no less than 22% in half a day and it looks like this decline will probably continue for a while.

The “Bitcoin Car” entered the Indianapolis, or Indy, 500 a few weeks ago. It is, along with NASCAR, one of the most popular events in the American motorsport world. At the wheel was the Dutchman Rinus ‘VeeKay’ van Kalmthout who drove no less than 32 laps at the front. However, the price of bitcoin (BTC) also crashes today, falling towards $32,000 at the time of writing.

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