DOGE Daily Circulation and Volatility Plunges After Reaching $0.29

Dogecoin Image 11

DOGE coin, previously one of the growth leaders on the cryptocurrency market, has now returned back to the average daily circulation value of 1.3 billion USD.

At the start of the week, DOGE pumped almost 30 percent in one single day candle and had elevated volumes for the entire week. At press time, the DOGE price has increased by 38% in a week, with the highest price yesterday at $0.29. The coin’s chart correlated with the charts of Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, by the end of the week, Doge has failed to get through the $0.30 resistance and is still consolidating around $0.27-0.28.

Additional on-chain indicators suggest that users or traders are not actively transferring DOGE. Volumes on the exchange remain slightly elevated compared to the average. In comparison with April-May volatility, the DOGE volume just hit three-month all-time low values.

Doge Transaction Chart

Previously, DOGE faced 1,000 percent growth from mid-April to early May. The highest transactional activity in the network has been tracked at the same time.