David Guetta puts luxury apartment up for sale and accepts bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH)

David Guetta puts luxury apartment up for sale and accepts bitcoin BTC and ethereum ETH

A while ago it was read that there was an apartment for sale in Portugal with a special payment option. The apartment was sold for 5 million DOGE. At the time, the DOGE had a market value of about $2.2 million. It was one of the first cases of real estate being sold for cryptocurrencies.

This time it’s hit again in the United States. World-famous DJ, David Guetta, has put up for sale a luxury apartment in the American city of Miami. It is a gigantic apartment on the 37th floor of a residential tower that includes swimming pools, saunas and a spa. In addition, the property is located on the famous beach of Miami. The asking price: $14 million dollars.

The special thing about this is that Guetta will also accept payments in the form of bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). Converted to the current market price of bitcoin, this amounts to about 380 bitcoins. Guetta bought the house in 2018 for $9.5 million from an American billionaire. So it seems that the French DJ will make a nice profit with this sale.

David Guetta has already made a name for himself in the world of cryptocurrencies. He previously entered into a partnership with a decentralized virtual reality platform called Sensorium Galaxy. The decision to accept crypto as payment for his home therefore comes as no surprise.

This new development fits nicely into the trend that the city of Miami has shown lately. Miami wants to put itself on the map as a true crypto city. Recently, the big bitcoin event took place in the city and the mayor, Francis Suarez, has ambitious plans for Florida’s largest city when it comes to crypto.

The sale of this apartment will therefore be welcomed by the mayor of the city. Once again, Miami is positive in the news and Suarez’s final goal is getting closer and closer.