The Mixed Martial Arts division, a martial arts competition, is set to launch its own fan token in June. A year ago, the UFC partnered with Chiliz (CHZ), a sports-oriented blockchain platform, and together they will now market $ UFC.

Chiliz and its associated token platform,, focused primarily on European football teams. The collaboration each time resulted in a fan token that fans can use to vote on certain decisions within the club, for example. In addition, it serves as an additional source of income for the clubs. UFC is now going to do the same.

Fans who own $ UFC have access to exclusive promotions, chat forums, VIP rewards and thus, as mentioned, can vote. European football superpowers such as Juventus, Manchester City and FC Barcelona already have such a similar currency. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo has already been awarded a JUV token for every goal he has ever scored.

Chiliz and plan to expand beyond Europe and this launch is a step in the right direction. This year there are even more fan tokens to come to the United States. Chiliz has set aside about $ 50 million for this.

The development of $ UFC emerged from the partnership announced last year. At the time, owners of $ CHZ, the token from Chiliz itself, received exclusive UFC offers. UFC then announced that it would investigate blockchain applications that would boost brand awareness and brand growth. That is what will happen now.

“UFC has more than 625 million fans worldwide and fan tokens are a unique way to connect with them through an authentic product that brings them closer to the UFC, empowers them and rewards their passion for the sport,” said Tracey Bleczinski, Senior Vice President of UFC Global Consumer Products.

That Chiliz is serious about his plans to expand in the US was demonstrated last week after a similar collaboration with ice hockey club New Jersey Devils, which will play in the NHL.

The collaboration currently only consists of a marketing deal, but the club will now investigate the possibilities blockchain offers to grow the club.

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