The Evolution of Meme Culture in the World of NFTs

Internet memes have existed for nearly as long as the internet itself, yet they weren’t the first memes.  The Biologist and famed author Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme” in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene”. Dawkins argues that ideas and behaviours spread through society from person to person through imitation, or in the case of internet memes, by sharing on social media platfo...[Read More]

CryptoPunks: A History

August 23 wasn’t a good day for punk’s street cred. First, Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten lost a lawsuit seeking to stop a British TV show from using his seminal punk band’s music. Then Visa launched an NFT consulting business with the Twitter announcement that it had bought a CryptoPunk avatar for $150,000. The credit card and payments giant’s mohawk-sporting, green-clown-...[Read More]

What Is BETA?

Beta Finance (BETA) protocol runs on an isolated collateral model, serving as a gateway to the money market for DeFi users who can have unrestricted access to digital tokens that run on permissionless protocols.Users can borrow, lend,or short crypto assets on the Binance Finance protocol. Beta Finance is currently set up on the Ethereum Mainnet — users who want to use the platform require a digita...[Read More]

DeFi picks up the pace as alternate blockchains and NFTs boom

As September ended, the cryptocurrency markets recovered from the so-called “September curse” handsomely to hit a market capitalization of $2.32 trillion. The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has been an integral part of this growth. The total value locked (TVL) in DeFi protocols grew more than 20%, from $113.5 billion on Sept. 28 to hit $137 billion on Oct. 6, as per data from Dappradar. Even ...[Read More]

China to Add Cryptocurrency Mining to ‘Negative List for Market Access’ Making the Industry Off-Limits to Investors

China has proposed adding cryptocurrency mining to the country’s latest “Negative List for Market Access.” This will make cryptocurrency mining an industry that is off-limits to investors, another move by the Chinese government to clamp down on crypto-related activities. China’s Negative List of Industries to Include Cryptocurrency Mining Cryptocurrency mining has been added to the 2021 draft “Neg...[Read More]

‘Only the Little People Pay Taxes.’ The Pandora Papers and the Case for Crypto

First, there was a series of disclosures about monetary policymakers’ stock trading activity, a controversy that contributed to the resignation of the presidents of the Federal Reserve banks of Boston and Dallas and has put Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s renomination in jeopardy. Then, last weekend, the International Consortium of Independent Journalists dropped the Pandora Papers. That trove of 11....[Read More]

With Ethereum Is Coming

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has been raked over the coals in the press and U.S. Congress for practices that are hard to regard as anything short of evil. In essence, the company allegedly knew for years that its algorithms were pointing users to content that was harmful in a variety of ways, but did nothing, because change would mean losing money. If you’ve ever used your Facebook account to...[Read More]

After Binance Listing, Beta Finance (BETA) Trades at Over 65x Its Token Sale Price

BETA surges to more than 65x its token sale price after Binance listing Beta Finance’s BETA token is now live and trading on Binance after the successful conclusion of the BETA token sale on Binance Launchpad. On Binance, BETA is available in trading pairs against BNB, BTC, and the BUSD and USDT stablecoins.  Create Binance Account Beta Finance is a decentralized finance project that has deve...[Read More]

Tether Describes Bloomberg’s Article as “Tired Attempt” to Undermine Its Business

Tether has issued a statement about Bloomberg’s investigative report published on Oct. 7, describing the article as “a tired attempt” to hurt the biggest stablecoin issuer. The controversial company slammed the outlet for basing its reporting on untrustworthy sources that have no direct knowledge of how Tether’s business operates. Some of the damning details mentioned ...[Read More]

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Climbs 204% in First Week of October as DeFi & Gaming Tokens Also Climb

SHIB SHIB consolidated below the $0.000009 resistance n the period from June 13 to Oct 4. Such long periods of consolidation are often followed by a decisive movement once a breakout or breakdown occurs.  Unsurprisingly, a massive breakout transpired on Oct 4 when SHIB created a large bullish candlestick. Afterwards, in a span of only four days, the token increased by 304% However, the higher...[Read More]

New NFT marketplace takes direct aim at OpenSea — with a token

The latest entrant to the red-hot market for non-fungible token trading has a plan to compete directly with market-leading Opensea for users. The team behind the project, called Infinity is also hoping that a token and some well-followed backers will help it take on its larger rival.  Infinity — which officially launched today — is branding itself as the “FTX of NTFs,” alluding to...[Read More]

Binance Completes the Beta Finance Subscription Launchpad and Will Open Trading for BETA

Fellow Binancians, Binance has completed the subscription format Launchpad for Beta Finance and the final token allocation results are now showing on the Beta Finance Launchpad Page. A total of 158,944 participants committed 7,340,628.0978 BNB during the subscription period, representing an oversubscription of 1,061x. 1 participant reached the 333,333 BETA hard cap, resulting in the participant’s ...[Read More]

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