What is AMP and why is it the only crypto price that is in the plus this week?

The cryptocurrency market saw a small rebound earlier this week, but in general it is clear that we are still in a downward trend: none of the top 100 largest cryptos are in the green this week. Well, almost none, because Amp (AMP) is no less than 60% in the plus! AMP is a new token that serves as a kind of digital collateral providing instant and verifiable guarantees for any kind of value transf...[Read More]

Coinbase Users File Class Action Over Locked Accounts

A group of six cryptocurrency owners filed a class action lawsuit against Coinbase, claiming the company wrongfully locked them out of their accounts for periods of up to several months. The group is seeking damages of more than $5 million for themselves and any other Coinbase user who registered an account in the last four years, and who likewise got barred from accessing their account for a prol...[Read More]

Crypto Market Crash Has Slashed Bithumb Value by Over 50%

The South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb is still up for sale, but its value has reportedly fallen along with the crypto market price slump. Per the financial media outlet Maeil Kyungjae, potential buyers are still interested in the trading platform, but its worth – according to market experts – has tumbled as bitcoin (BTC)’s value has slid from well over USD 60,000 to just over USD 33,0...[Read More]

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