For a cryptocurrency project, the development of the underlying technology is important. However, that’s not all. After all, a project must actually be used in the real world. That is why many investors also look at the partnerships that a project enters into. One of the larger collaborations that many are looking forward to is the one between Cardano (ADA) and Ethiopia.

The deal with the Ethiopian government will bring millions of users to the Cardano ecosystem, according to Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano. However, the deal would be announced as early as in late March. That announcement failed to materialize, and Hoskinson addressed the delay during an AMA session yesterday:

“So now it goes directly to the minister to sign. … That is the last step. We got to a point where we were confident because everyone wanted the deal to go through and no one else was involved. ”

Bureaucracy would therefore have delayed the deal. As it looks now, the announcement will be made sometime in April detailing the details of the partnership. So it remains to be seen.

Cardano has focused on Africa to be able to change that with blockchain technology. During the same AMA, Hoskinson announced that Input Output Global is now looking to Ethiopian universities to set up various initiatives there. This initiative will then expand to other African countries.

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