Cardano will partner with Simplex on ADA payments with Visa cards and Apple Pay

Simplex, a payment card provider licensed in Europe, has added cardano (ADA) to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. As a result, users of the payment cards can now use ADA via their Simplex Visa payment cards. This is evident from various sources.

In late 2020, Israel-based Simplex became a core Visa member. This allows the 200 business partners of the fiat-to-crypto on-ramp service to issue crypto payment cards to their customers.

According to a press statement, millions of people will now be able to spend cardano with their credit and debit cards, SEPA, SWIFT and also Apple Pay. In the press statement you can read further:

“The renewed interest in Cardano is the product of loyal social media followers, a thriving community and achievements. As its popularity and appeal continues to grow, both investors and developers will continue to explore new frontiers, ”

Despite the positive news, the cardano rate does not seem to react really yet. The price has been trading around $ 1.30 for a long time after tapping $ 1.34 yesterday. The slight increase yesterday was the result of good news.

Yesterday, Cardano confirmed the cooperation with Ethiopia. The African country will use Cardano to develop a new ID system targeting students in the country.

Expectations regarding Cardano are high, although the network is still in full development. In a recent interview, founder Charles Hoskinson said 2021 is the year when everything comes together. But when will the smart contracts finally be launched on Cardano?

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