Cardano founder: “This is what we’re going to do for the next 90 days” – Are smart contracts coming up?

Cardano ADA founder This is what were going to do for the next 90 days Are smart contracts coming up

Cardano (ADA) is a crypto project that could potentially form strong competition for Ethereum (ETH). However, the project is still under development and smart contracts are still missing from the network. In a recent video, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson reveals what he expects the next 90 days to look like for his project.

The project is currently working out the fundamental code of the Alonzo update, the update that will bring smart contracts to Cardano. However, it is now “full of bugs that need to be fixed and stability improved.” In addition to working out the code, it is also important that developers learn to program on Cardano so that applications can actually be developed.

For example, there is the Plutus Pioneers program for “creating a baseline with which a cohort of people can play with Alonzo and run the code.” This group of people will then work with major developers to support them under the Alonzo Blue program. For example, they will be able to test applications on the testnet. All of this will take place over the next 30 days, Hoskinson said.

Subsequently, the code will also be rolled out on the public Alonzo testnet, after which the discussion will immediately start with “integration partners such as wallets, exchanges and custodians, everyone who manages the Cardano infrastructure.” This in preparation for the big launch of Alonzo. Hoskinson tempered expectations somewhat by arguing that there is no certainty that Alonzo will appear on the mainnet in the next 90 days.

The most important thing for Cardano now is to support developers who want to build on Cardano. Hoskinson said about this:

“We want to make sure that those who have viable projects or the potential for them don't just die on the vine. On the contrary, they must receive the necessary support to take them to a higher level. ”

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