Cardano (ADA ‘s developer Input Output is partnering with World Mobile. The main goal of the two is to connect people in Tanzania without an internet connection to the internet and to give them a digital identity.

The announcement that Input Output will partner with World Mobile was made during the Cardano Africa Special that aired yesterday. World Mobile wants to offer Tanzanians an internet connection via network nodes that are connected to the Cardano blockchain.

Via these nodes, which are powered by green energy sources, people can access the internet and use online banking services, care and education through Atala PRISM, the digital identity solution on Cardano.

Connecting small villages has a major effect on economic activities in these regions, according to studies. World Mobile has been conducting research for several years and cites results as fishermen who have quintupled their profits in two years thanks to access to the Internet. The goal is to connect hundreds of thousands of customers to the network by the first quarter of 2022, including Cardano’s Atala PRISM.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson explains in the announcement why he thinks the partnership will work out:

“We see blockchain as a powerful tool for social well-being. Through our digital ID solution, Atala PRISM, people who previously could not verify their identity, which complicates and often prevents access to vital services such as healthcare, can now do so. With Atala PRISM, citizens can back up important documents, such as qualifications or property documents, allowing returning refugees to get their homes back. Ultimately, we want to create a global marketplace where everyone has equal access, regardless of geographic location, culture or background. ”

Cardano also announced this week that it will work with Ethiopia. With the same solution, students in the country, among others, will be able to obtain a digitala ID. This could bring more than 5 million people to the Cardano ecosystem.

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