Cardano (ADA) Daedalus wallet officially becomes a multi-asset wallet after update

The Daedalus wallet from Cardano (ADA) is now officially a multi-asset wallet! This means that users can now store multiple types of cryptocurrencies built on Cardano in the wallet. Input Output HK, the developer of Cardano, announced this in a tweet.

Since the Mary hard fork that was triggered on March 1, Cardano has been a multi-asset blockchain. Since then, developers have been able to create their own cryptocurrencies, such as for example on Ethereum (ETH) with the ERC-20 standard. However, the Daedalus wallet did not yet support the sending and receiving of these native tokens at that time.

This is now possible in the new Daedalus 4.0.3. In a tweet, IOHK announces:

In addition, the wallet now also shows a countdown to the “herald fully decentralized block production.” This is when Cardano will be fully decentralized. This is expected to take place later today.

The company emphasizes in a later tweet that Daedalus is only a wallet for Linux, Windows and Mac. It is important to always download the wallet from the official website.

Cardano has been making great strides recently, but the network is still not fully operational. For example, smart contracts have not yet been activated. The developers recently announced when the network is expected to go through its major update.