Cardano (ADA) cooperation with Ethiopia confirmed: New ID system for 5 million students

Good news has come from the Cardano (ADA) camp! The cooperation with the Ethiopian government has finally been confirmed. Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the developer of Cardano, reports on Twitter that it will work with the Ministry of Education on a national digital ID system.

The collaboration was expected to be announced last month. Due to slow processes within the government of the African country, however, it was delayed and so they had to wait for a confirmation. That confirmation has now finally come.

IOHK and Ethiopia will work on a national ID system built on the blockchain. It will enable 5 million students in the country to capture verified reports of school achievement on the blockchain.

“Based on Atala PRISM, the ID will enable secure records of educational achievement to be created for 3,500 schools, 5 million students and 750,000 teachers, providing all students with verifiable digital qualifications, increasing social mobility, and lesson planning and control. becomes possible ”

The new system is at the heart of Ethiopia’s Digital Transformation Strategy. IOHK calls the collaboration "the greatest use of blockchain in the world."

No further details have been released yet. The developer has announced that more will be announced next Thursday during the Africa Special, a Cardano event.

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