Cardano (ADA) is one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies on the market. As an Ethereum (ETH) rival, the network could take big steps. The well-known YouTuber Coin Bureau gives in a video the exact reason why he has included ADA in his portfolio.

Coin Bureau is a pretty big crypto YouTuber. The channel has over 653 thousand subscribers and its videos are viewed many hundred thousand times. His viewers often ask him what his crypto portfolio looks like. One of the altcoins he owns is cardano.

Coin Bureau announces that 8% of its portfolio consists of ADA. The reason he invested in ADA is as a hedge, or protection, against a situation where the Ethereum fails to remain the largest smart contract platform:

“Like Polkadot (DOT), I see Cardano primarily as a hedge in case something goes wrong with Ethereum […] I’m a big fan of Cardano’s peer review approach to research and development.

I have a feeling that Cardano will launch smart contracts much earlier than Polkadot, which could theoretically end up right behind Ethereum. ”

In his video he compares Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano, both Ethereum rivals, and states, among other things, that Cardano does not have as many developers as Polkadot. However, the size of the Cardano community is another plus compared to Polkadot. Thus Coin Bureau states:

“Cardano may not have as many dApps ready to be deployed as Polkadot, but there are probably millions of people waiting to use them.”

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