Earlier, the well-known billionaire Ray Dalio indicated that he thinks the United States may decide to ban Bitcoin (BTC). Now, however, a response from Tyler Winklevoss has come out saying this will never happen.

He made this known in a recent Twitter post, explaining that the process of assessing Bitcoin’s structure as an asset has already been carried out by the authorities responsible for it. Tyler Winklevoss does not believe there is anything else the government will revert to, implying that the check is done and closed. He tweeted the following:

“The US government will never ban Bitcoin. These questions have been asked and answered by regulators and courts over the past ten years. That is a passed station. ”

Mixed responses to Tyler’s claim
The Bitcoin community is always fond of supporting the benchmark assets. This time, however, even advocates are taking Dalio’s warnings seriously. For example, CryptoWhale, a popular Bitcoin trader, analyst and miner, responded to Tyler Winklevoss, urging him to apply more logic. He said the following:

“They will eventually ban it. Just look at all the wars the US has started to protect its own currency. Less wishful thinking, more logical thinking! ”

If America were to succeed in banning Bitcoin, the country will be in the same boat as Nigeria and India, where the governments of both countries plan to restrict trade in cryptocurrencies to some extent. While it is not clear how far the US government will go, any restrictive policy can have a major impact on investors and traders, while affecting the Bitcoin price at the same time.

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