The bitcoin (BTC) bulls still have quite a bit of that $ 60,000! The bitcoin price managed to rise to this resistance again, but could not immediately break through it. However, with the ever slightly higher lows in recent times, the hope of an outbreak is still intact. Within the top 3 we also see a significant increase with even a new all-time high!

Bitcoin (BTC) close to USD 60,000 again
For most of the past 24 hours, the bitcoin price has once again been flat. In short, there were no major price movements and the price traded horizontally. A number of tests of the support at $ 58,000 twice confirmed support in this zone. Early this morning, however, suddenly saw a nice movement!

In fact, within an hour, the price of bitcoin rose by more than $ 1,000, an increase of about 2%. And that was accompanied by a nice spike in trading volume. Still, the price was halted again at $ 60,000. This brings the high of the last 24 hours to $ 60,055.

The $ 60,000 is the price level that all eyes are on right now. An outbreak above could cause some fireworks, bringing the current price record close again. At the time of writing, bitcoin’s price is $ 59,574 on cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. So, for the short term, one should keep an eye on the USD 60,000 as resistance and the USD 58,000 as support.

Binance coin (BNB) sets new record
In the altcoins we only see rises within the top 10. Ethereum (ETH) was up 4.2% in value over the past 24 hours and is about to continue its way above USD 2,000. Binance coin (BNB) even rose 14%. An hour ago, BNB established a new $ 356.78 ATH.

Overall, total crypto market cap is nearing the bizarre $ 2 trillion mark. Bizarre because at the beginning of 2021 the counter was only $ 700 billion. All cryptocurrencies put together are currently worth $ 1.9 trillion. The bitcoin dominance saw a considerable decrease of 1.5%, bringing the bitcoin dominance to 57.8%.

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