Bitcoin (BTC) fell back last night after the bulls just failed to hit $ 55,800. As the course of today, however, the price rose slightly and the support at $ 54,000 seems to be holding it for now.

Is bitcoin (BTC) preparing for the next test?
The bitcoin price fell back slightly last night after the next resistance zone was reached. At the end of this morning, a small bounce was made that brought the price of bitcoin back to $ 54,660 on crypto exchange Coinbase.

With the slight increase in recent hours, another test of the resistance zone is still possible. A breakthrough through this price zone could mean a continuation towards $ 60,000, according to noted analyst Josh Rager. He wrote on Twitter:

“So far we are seeing a push-up in the resistance, withdrawal and looking at a new test of the overhead level

A breakout above and I think the price could climb to $ 60k + in the next few days ”

Ethereum (ETH) continues to rise, dogecoin (DOGE) is going crazy again
It could already be read on Crypto Insiders this afternoon: Ethereum (ETH) has set a new all-time high (ATH). The largest altcoin in the market rose to a record price of $ 2,735 and is up 2.8% from 24 hours ago.

Ethereum, along with dogecoin (DOGE), is the only riser in the top 10. DOGE made some crazy movement today after Elon Musk sent a tweet out to the world. You can read more about this in this article! At the time of writing, DOGE is still 12% in the green. However, the altcoin was more than 20% in the plus at one point.

All in all, we see that the market is able to hold its own above $ 2 trillion. All cryptocurrencies put together are now worth $ 2.08 trillion. In addition, bitcoin dominance decreases by 0.5%. With this, the altcoin keep the upper hand on the market with the bitcoin dominance still below 50%!

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