Bitcoin (BTC) price forecast from Celsius Network CEO: “We end the year around $ 100,000”

Bitcoin (BTC) can rise a lot further, that is the bitcoin price expectation of Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky. He expects, among other things, that the stock exchange listing of crypto exchange Coinbase will contribute to a positive movement.

Celsius Network is a lending platform that allows users to lend crypto to each other and earn annual returns. The Celsius app serves as a wallet. It recently received a nice prize for this wallet.

In an interview with Kitco News, Mashinsky says that bitcoin is not really a payment platform for him that users can use to pay in stores. For him, and for many, bitcoin is a store of value like gold. Still, he says that the use of bitcoin as a means of payment is increasing.

A number of other factors could drive the BTC price further up, according to the CEO. One of these is the Coinbase stock exchange listing, a topic that John van Meer also discussed yesterday in his price video. The Celsius Network CEO said the following about this:

Coinbase goes public next week. I think there will be millions of people who when they hear it in the news, they all scratch their heads and think they have missed the opportunity or that they will put in more and buy more bitcoin. I think we have a little break now. I said I see us going all the way to $ 160,000, but I expect we will end the year below $ 100,000 or at $ 90,000 to $ 100,000. So there is still a lot of growth potential, but I see Bitcoin going higher, “

Last weekend, crypto exchange Kraken also shared an interesting price forecast. By comparing historical price data, Kraken estimated that bitcoin could rise as high as $ 209,000. Read more about Krakens bitcoin price forecast here.

Price expectations must of course always be treated with caution. Ultimately, no one knows exactly what the race will do.