Bitcoin (BTC) miners generate huge sales again, but unfortunately not a new record

April is over and so we can take a look at how the bitcoin (BTC) miners performed last month. Read here what bitcoin miners are. In the graphs of The Block compiled with data from Coin Metrics, it can be seen that the bitcoin miners had a particularly good month last month. Unfortunately, it was not a record month like March.

Where miners managed to generate $ 1.75 billion in revenue in March, this fell to $ 1.7 billion in April. A small decrease and the result of the slightly falling bitcoin price in April. Nevertheless, a historically good month for the miners. It was after the most successful month on March.

Where the miners did manage to break a record in April was in the field of income from transaction costs. Miners earn from their work by mining bitcoins and processing transactions. They receive a fee for processing transactions.

In April, 14.51% of miner turnover consisted of transaction processing. This is the highest percentage since January 2018.

The fact that the bitcoin mining industry is in full swing is evident from the above figures but also from recent reports. For example, Genesis Digital Assets (GDA) recently announced that it had made a huge investment in new mining equipment.

It is probably mainly dogecoin (DOGE) miners who are happy at the moment. A few days ago, Crypto Insiders stated that DOGE miners have seen their turnover increase by no less than 4,600% this year.

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