“Bitcoin (BTC) is the most important work of my life,” says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Bitcoin BTC is the most important work of my life says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a known proponent of Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, at the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami, he called Bitcoin the most important thing he has ever worked on. Shortly before his speaking time, he also announced on Twitter that his payment company Square is thinking of developing a new bitcoin wallet that would be integrated with Cash App, Square’s popular American payment app.

At the conference, which is expected to be attended by 50,000 people, Dorsey spoke big words about Bitcoin. “I don’t think there’s anything more important for me to work on in my life, and I don’t think there’s anything else that makes more possible for people around the world.” He added:

“If I wasn’t at Square or Twitter, I’d be working on Bitcoin. If it needed more help than Square or Twitter, I’d leave them for Bitcoin. But I believe both companies have a role to play.”

He believes that thanks to Bitcoin, banks are no longer needed. As a result, the cryptocurrency is mainly used in Ethiopia, Nigeria and other countries where there is a lack of good financial service providers. He and Square are also completely focused on Bitcoin and not with altcoins because they want to “make bitcoin the native currency of the internet”.

Just before his speaking time, Dorsey shared another series of interesting tweets. In it, he announced that Square is thinking of developing a wallet that will make it even easier to use bitcoin. It is important that users actually own the bitcoin themselves. “No keys, no cheese,” says Dorsey. This is a similar statement to “not your keys, not your bitcoin,” meaning if you don’t have a wallet’s private keys, you don’t actually own the bitcoin. So it should be different according to him:

“Bitcoin is for everyone. It is important for us to build an inclusive product that brings a non-custodial solution to the global market.” Click on the tweet below to read the entire thread.

The positive news was welcomed after another billionaire, that is, Elon Musk, sent out a number of cryptic tweets yesterday. Musk’s tweets made the market seem panicky again.