Anti-fraud “War on Rugs” turns out to be the biggest fraud himself; performs “rug pull” on Fairmoon and Rug Ethereum

Recently, Crypto Insiders reported that the Telegram group and Twitter account “War on Rugs” had declared war on Ethereum (ETH) founder Vitalik Buterin.

Buterin once received 50% of all Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens, a Dogecoin (DOGE) spin-off. The tokens were worth billions at some point and there was a fear that Buterin would dump them. Buterin eventually dumped 10% and donated the proceeds to charity. Shortly afterwards, it came out that he had destroyed the remaining 90% anyway.

War on Rugs, a self-proclaimed anti-fraud group, had already started a new crypto project: Rug Ethereum (RETH). Out of spite, the group created a new crypto that dumps ether for binance coins (BNB) in an attempt to knock down the price.

War on Rugs had also previously created Fairmoon (FAIR), a clone of Safemoon (SAFE). The team lashed out at Safemoon more often, declaring the crypto unsafe, while promoting Fairmoon.

Now it turns out that “Shappy,” the protagonist behind War on Rugs, is perhaps the biggest fraud himself. Yesterday, he committed a so-called back pull on both RETH and FAIR and is said to have run off with more than $ 2 million in crypto. The self-proclaimed hero is now the villain, as people are calling out on Twitter. Irony drips from it.

Shappy, ex-WoR leader, betrayed Fairmoon and RETH and defrauded both the Fairmoon and WoR communities. We had worked so hard to make a difference and create a strong community, and he betrayed us. ”

According to Fairmoon’s Twitter account. The War on Rugs Twitter account has since been closed and all messages have been deleted:

“I decided to do what I did so that you understand that you have to stop being a clown and mimic everything. Hopefully you will not trust anyone after this, pending the right regulations. ”

Says the fraudster. This article already described in December 2020 that War on Rugs is a fraud. The article has since been removed from Medium, but can still be found in the archive. Rival SaferDeFi also writes that this Fairmoon scam has actually been going on for much longer:

However, SaferDeFi has also released such a crypto itself, called SafeFairMoon. Yes really. Perhaps it is time to stay away from this type of crypto completely.

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