46% of funds in the German speaking region of Austria, Germany and Switzerland (DACH region) are interested in cryptos like bitcoin and eth according to a survey of 70+ investment funds.

The survey found that 88% of German funds are not invested in bitcoin with just 4% invested in crypto while 8% are not sure.

It further revealed that 6.6% are in late stage planning and will be investing this year, something that would more than double the German speaking crypto holding funds.

13.2% are looking to invest, but they’re still researching this space. While 26.3% are curious about digital assets, but for now are waiting for further maturity. The remaining 53.9% says they’re unlikely to invest in the next three years.

“According to the study, within three years, it is possible to expect an inflow from $100 billion to $657 billion into the digital asset market only from the DACH region,” says Arthur Capella of Mindsmith, a tech think tank that carried out the survey.

Interestingly 33.8% say they’re not sure whether they would use defi if they invest in crypto, suggesting defi awareness is very low with just 14% stating they would consider using decentralize finance.

While 15% says cryptos are currently outside the scope of their investment mandate, something that may have changed with the coming into force this Monday of the Fund Location Act which allows special funds (“Spezialfonds”) to invest up to 20% of their assets under management into bitcoin or eth.

According to this survey 7% of them will do so this year and almost half of them may invest in crypto in the next three years, something that can translate into inflows of almost as much as bitcoin’s current market cap at the higher end of estimates of how much funds may enter crypto from the DACH region.

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