Month: June 2021

Music NFT platform Opulous to Launch Token Offering on June 30, what is It?

Music NFT platform Opulous is going to launch its Algorand ASA and ERC20 $OPUL token offering on June 30 via the TrustSwap launchpad. TrustSwap, an Ethereum-based DeFi ecosystem and launchpad, announced the news in a blog post on Monday, June 30. According to the announcement, the OPUL token will be an ERC 20 and Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) token. What is Opulous? Opulous is the first platform ...[Read More]

Grayscale’s Crypto Holdings Rise $1.1 Billion As Bitcoin Keeps Recovering

Major cryptocurrency asset manager Grayscale Investments, a subsidiary of Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, announced that as of Monday, June 28, its digital currency holdings have added $1.1 billion. The growth has taken place over the weekend when started recovering and on Monday 28, rallied back to the $34,000 level. Grayscale’s crypto holdings growing along with the market On Monday, Gra...[Read More]

Ethereum Spikes 25% in 3 Days: Bitcoin Calms Around $35K (Market Watch)

After the enhanced volatility in the past few days in which BTC displayed several multi-thousand dollar moves, the cryptocurrency has calmed around $35,000. Some altcoins have charted more significant gains, with ETH reclaiming $2,100 and DOT surging 6%. ETH Above $2,100; DOT Reconquers $16 The alternative coins mimicked BTC’s performance in the past several days with adverse price movements on Sa...[Read More]

Ripple Struggles above $0.65 as Sellers Emerge in Overbought Territory

The price of ​Ripple (XRP) is struggling to break above $0.65 resistance. Recently, the bears broke the previous low at $0.65 as the price hit a new low of $0.51. Last week, Ripple tried to correct upwards but could not hold above the previous price level. The bottom line is that if the price doesn’t break above the previous high, selling pressure will resume. Assuming the bears break suppor...[Read More]

How to Do PancakeSwap Farming – Bitcoin & Crypto Guide

Farm PancakeSwap allows the users to stake their LP tokens and earn more rewards. You can go to the Farm tab and check the list of all LP tokens that you can stake. You can also check the APR that you can earn on staking (farming) your LP from this tab. We have some BNB-CAKE LP tokens in our wallet that we will use in PancakeSwap farming. Expand the details tab. Users are required to ena...[Read More]

China’s First Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange To Stop Crypto Activities

China’s first cryptocurrency exchange, BTCChina, will no longer be active in the crypto industry, according to various reports. The company has also been a stakeholder of since 2019, but is said to have already sold its share. The Chinese news agency The 21st Century Business Herald released the news and said that the share has been acquired by an undisclosed company from Dubai. The r...[Read More]

SafeDollar Stablecoin Not So Safe After All – Attacker Steals $250,000, Value Drops to $0

A decentralized finance (DeFi) application has been hit by another attack. This time, SafeDollar has fallen victim to an exploit. The value of the stablecoin has since fallen back to $0. SafeDollar is a Polygon (MATIC) based algorithmic stablecoin. These are stablecoins whose value is kept stable by means of an algorithm. This algorithm puts more stablecoins into circulation when the value of the ...[Read More]

El Salvador buys large amount of bitcoin (BTC), why is this?

El Salvador has bought $135 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) to distribute among the residents of the country. Before the weekend, it was announced via Forbes that every adult citizen would receive free BTC worth $30 if they set up an account on the government’s cryptocurrency app. President Nayib Bukele reported this. About 1,500 bitcoin ATMs will also be installed. This indicates that bitcoi...[Read More]

Internet Computer (ICP) logs revenge recovery after crashing 95% since launch

Internet Computer (ICP) rose to spotlight among day-traders after rising 41.69% on Sunday. The ICP/USD exchange rate closed the session at $42.98 after correcting lower from its intraday high of $45.01. At its quarter-to-date low, the pair was trading at $28.31. Meanwhile, on Monday, it surged to a new intraday high of $47.63. Therefore, its latest rebound returned as much as 68.27% in paper profi...[Read More]

Ethereum Investment Funds See Record Outflows of $50M

Investors are exiting digital asset investment products, including funds focused on bitcoin and Ethereum, as a wave of negative sentiment weighs on cryptocurrencies. Net outflows from cryptocurrency funds totaled $44 million for the week ending June 25, marking the fourth consecutive week of redemptions. Ethereum products suffered net outflows of $50 million last week, the largest on record since ...[Read More]

Bitcoin Cannot and Should Not Replace Fiat Money, Says Greece’s Former Finance Minister

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cannot and should not replace fiat currencies, argued the former finance minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis. Additionally, he supported the popular narrative that counties should aim at adopting blockchain while averting from using BTC. Bitcoin Cannot Replace Fiat Speaking to the Greek Reporter, Varoufakis, who has never been a bitcoin fan, used the opportunity...[Read More]

Bitcoin Miners Sign Crypto Climate Accord

Numerous bitcoin miners have signed a pledge modeled on the Paris Climate Agreement called the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA). The private-industry led initiative commits signatories to “achieve net-zero emissions from electricity by 2030” AND to “develop standards, tools, and technologies to accelerate the adoption of and verify progress toward 100% renewably-powered blockchains by the 2025 UNFCCC C...[Read More]

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